Mayan astrology symbols and meanings

The Wayeb sign is a very otherworldly creature that is in tune with their spirituality, heaven, reincarnation and all other life. While they only encompass a five-day window, they are quite rare and are unique to the Mayan zodiac. Pops excel in leadership and are very good at meeting their goals and completing projects.

Choose a Symbol of Alchemists: Discover Your Life Lesson

Furthermore, they make wonderful friends that people seem to gravitate towards. Wo is also a night time sign that has leadership capabilities along with strong survival instincts. If you fall under this category, if you are going through a hard time, take a walk at night. It will help to balance you out. Sip signs are associated with fire and air, which means they are gentle and graceful, but in a very passionate manner.

While they can be quite upfront and dominant, they are also highly introverted and reserved.

Maya calendar

Zotz are associated with the bat and the fish, which are two completely different beings, but both can move efficiently in their environments. They are sensitive and intuitive individuals that are not judgemental at all. The Sek is likely to become fascinated with everything above them, as they are highly connected to the Earth and the sky. They are very practical individuals that can quickly come up with a plan of action when necessary. The Xul is someone who is very stable spiritually, and display very optimistic mindsets.

They are quite loyal and affectionate and deeply care about everyone that they are close to. As a natural born healer, you can be quite helpful to those closest to you. The Mol may be the most unique of any of the signs. They have a strong ability to quickly bounce back from any situation as a stronger person.

They love the rainfall, and nothing balances them more than sitting outside during a rainstorm and allowing it to cleanse their spirit. You must be logged in to post a comment.

The Mayan Zodiac Symbols, Names & Meaning – Which One Are You?

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There are no signs of trial and error with these Maya, or the beginning stages of "figuring out" the significance of numerology meanings and cosmology. It just suddenly appeared in all its perfection. This astrology is based on the twenty naguals or lords, and thirteen numbers found in the Tzolkin.

But, the thirteen numbers included with each nagual gives this past-present-future guide, total possibilities. The thirteen numbers also serve a different purpose. The lower numbers have less power or intensity, and the higher numbers more strength or influence on the person.

The Life Tree

This example is from Kenneth Johnson's book, Jaguar Wisdom. Out of curiosity, I did my own birthday! Using the tables in the back of his book, my birthday in Mayan symbols is 10 Wind.

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  • According to Johnson's book, Wind is symbolic of the vital spirit or serpent energy that gives life to and animates us all. Too much vital spirit could lead to excessive arrogance or pride. It's up to us to be cognizant of which direction we choose. Then the person would have to guard against the negative tendencies inherent with the Wind symbol as their sign.

    Not a Maya Invention

    This sign is associated with dictators and military despots. I can see where this tendency might come through in me. I was a single mom for many years, and I'm sure my children felt like they were in the army at times. I've worked hard at letting them make their own decisions as adults, even though my tendency is to "fix everything.

    The "divine breath" of this sign Wind gives people under its influence lots of energy. I can attest to this being true for me. This person must realize this energy is not of them, but given to them. It's their connection to the source of life If the Wind person can hold onto and know origination of their power, they can make things happen in the world with almost infinite power. I do like this aspect! Mayan Astrology takes your birth sign a step further. The "10" indicates my birthday under this sign has a dominate influence on my life, because of the higher number. The numbers range from The Aztec Calendar, which uses the same calendar with somewhat different symbol names, used the thirteen numbers in this way: God of fire and time For a "Tree of Life" reading, one would take their birth symbol, in my case 10 wind , and form a cross with their birth symbol in the middle.

    Mayan Symbols and Mayan Symbol Meanings on Whats-Your-Sign

    See the graphic example. Judging from the low numbers for the past and future, my present symbol is the dominant influence. I can use the deep underlying wisdom of the Jaguar-west my past to stay awake to my responsibilities to the spirit world. Controlling my anger is important to accomplishing this. Wind people have power about them that others feel. At times this power can get out of control, Jaguar helps to direct it to the higher good. Fortunately, the Right Hand, Vulture-south masculine, aggressive , and left Hand, Rabbit-north feminine, intuitive , powers of Wind are both quiet and relatively gentle signs.

    Vulture is good-natured but often lazy. Rabbit is sensual and in love with the good things of this world. Dog-east, is the future sign for Wind.